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Dominica - about the Nature Island of the Caribbean

for anyone unfamiliar with Dominica, do not make the common mistake of thinking it is, or has any connection with, the Spanish speaking Dominican Republic. Dominica was a British territory until gaining full independence in 1978 and its full title is "Commonwealth of Dominica". It is pronounced DOM-IN-EE-CA and its tiny capital, Roseau, is pronounced ROSE-OH. It has a legal system and multi party democracy based on the Westminster model with elections held every 5 years. Dominica is located in the East Caribbean between the French islands of Guadeloupe to the north and Martinique to the south. It is a mountainous island of volcanic origin with several peaks approaching 5,000ft on height, cloaked in tropical rainforest, lush vegetation and veined with an abundance of sparkling and scenic rivers which are a delight to bathe in. It has only a small resident population of around 70,000 who speak English as the official language and Patois. With an airport which accommodates only small and medium sized aircraft, Dominica remains the "best kept secret in the Caribbean".
the "best kept secret in the Caribbean"
Unlike many popular tourist destinations, you will not find walled in mega resorts where your holiday is spent lounging on the beach in isolation from the local populous. Your experience of Dominica will be a more personal one where you will find locals friendly and helpful. Known as the "Nature Island of the Caribbean", there are many sites of natural beauty - waterfalls, hot mineral water spas, lakes (including the world's second largest 'Boiling Lake') mountains to climb and a network of hiking trails throughout the island. There are several National Parks and Marine Reserves, one of which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Dominica - island of water
Enjoying a healthy environment - fresh clean air off the Atlantic Ocean, unpolluted water, a great variety of locally grown fruit and veg - Dominica boasts the highest number of centenarians per head of population in the world. The emphasis in Dominica is on eco friendly development, with almost half our energy needs satisfied by hydro and many establishments utilizing renewable energy and organic farming methods. Dominica is also ranked among the top scuba diving destinations in the region and is a prime spot for all year round whale watching. Birdwatching is popular and of 176 species to be found, the Sisserou and Jacquot Parrots are unique to Dominica.
Dominica, East Caribbean

about Casablanca
Caribbean Sea view from Casablanca
Casablanca occupies a third of an acre plot nestled on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea, conveniently located on Dominica's popular mid west coast where, for most of the year, the sea is calm and clear, protected by the mountainous interior from prevailing easterly winds off the Atlantic. On the south side a path leads down to the estuary of the Macoucherie River and a small quiet beach. On the north side are a few more houses, a small hotel and restaurant, and beyond that, a 7 or 8 minute walk will bring you to Salisbury Beach, which has coconut palms for shade, a scuba diving outfit - the East Carib Dive and beyond that is Eddie's Beach Bar which serves food at weekends, then where the local fishermen bring in their catch. The sea directly below the villa is a wonderful spot for snorkelling - large rocky outcrops just below the surface are festooned in colourful coral and fish. They can be reached by swimming from the beaches at either side. Cross the main road and a little used road meanders for about 2 miles up the scenic Macoucherie River Valley, past mango trees and fields of cane which are grown for making rum at the nearby Macoucherie Estate Distillery, where you may enjoy a tour and purchase the several varieties produced. Casablanca was built in the early 1990's by an Englishman who fell in love with Dominica on his first visit and, once retired, divided his time between there and England until finally returning to the UK in 2016. The main villa is on one level, below which is a small flat which Ivor occupied during his visits to Dominica. It is now occupied by the groundsman.

The house is elevated and access is via a short flight of stairs leading up to the balcony. It is tiled throughout, has 3 bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, 2 bathrooms, lounge/ dining area and balcony enjoying an ocean view with south westerly aspect. The lounge and kitchen both open onto the balcony, where the dining table and chairs are most often used. The lounge contains a settee, armchairs, tree slice coffee table.
and a corner shelf with TV for dvd's only, of which there are a selection available. It may also be used as a music centre for playing cd's. The kitchen has a large fridge with top freezer, gas cooker, microwave oven, toaster, coffee percolator, electric kettle and an assortment of crockery, pans and utensils. From the lounge a passage with bookshelves leads past 2 bathrooms, each tiled and with WC wash hand basin and shower, one of which has solar heated water, to three double bedrooms, each with wardrobe. The batrooms and two bedrooms have insect screens and nets are hung over beds in bedroom 3. There are stand fans but no A/C, though all bedrooms have east facing louvred windows to catch the breeze. From the balustraded seating area overlooking the sea, pelicans and frigate birds are a common sight whilst whales and dolphins are occasionally spotted and the sunsets are a pleasure to behold. This tranquil setting is an ideal place to relax and unwind.

To explore the island, vehicle hire is recommended, which we will be pleased to arrange for you to collect at the airport or ferry terminal on arrival in Dominica. Driving times - Roseau 30 minutes, Portsmouth 35 minutes, Melville Hall Airport 80 minutes. Nearby natural attractions include to the south the Layou River, at the mouth of which it is possible to surf, to the north Morne Diablotin National Park, Syndicate forest trail and waterfall, row boat ride up the Indian River and Cabrits National Park, with the historic Fort Shirley and nature trails to lookout points.
Wifi internet
October 2012 update:
solar hot water system installed
January 2015 update: kitchen remodeled
December 2018 update: insect screens added to 2 bedrooms and both bathrooms

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Casablanca - picture gallery

picture gallery

Casablanca sundown from balcony

Casablanca from hillside

Arriving at Casablanca

house from garden

from garden

clifftop seating area

the sea below - ideal for snorkelling

Casablanca sunset


   guests relaxing 

entertainment - books and TV

kitchen upgraded Jan 2015

Casablanca - kitchen + balcony view south

Casablanca - master bedroom

Casablanca - bedroom 2

Casablanca - bedroom 3

Macoucherie River

Macoucherie River estuary

Macoucherie Beach looking south

Macoucherie Beach looking north

Salisbury Beach looking north

nearby Mero Beach

exploring Dominica

2018 update - beach and snorkeling
During two major climate events - Tropical Storm Erika in 2015 and Hurricane Maria in 2017 - a lot of sand was washed down the nearby rivers to expand and improve the beach immediately below Casablanca, which now extends from the mouth of the Macoucherie River, right along to Salisbury Beach to the north. This has not, however, negatively impacted on the wonderful snorkeling available in the vicinity, where some large areas of rock and coral, just below the surface, provide home to an abundance of colourful fish. Below are some new photos, taken in the summer of 2018, of both the beach and underwater, whilst snorkelling.
Sea view North West from Casablanca garden

Sea view West from Casablanca garden

Beach at the mouth of the Macoucherie River

new beach immediately below Casablanca

fish on shallow reef


brain coral

corridor in shallow reef

fish along edge of shallow reef

shoal of fish

shoal of fish

yellow fish


many small fish

nearby Mero Beach, just 1/2 mile south of Macoucherie

moonrise at Casablanca

surfing at nearby Layou

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