Casablanca - Dominica
oceanfront guest villa, Macoucherie, mid west coast,
Commonwealth of Dominica,
Windward Isles, East Caribbean, West Indies
Rates and Advance Bookings Calendar

Dominica, East

Caribbean Sea view from Casablanca

Rates (US$):    fully inclusive (no additional charges)
                per day (min. stay 5 days)
                Villa for 1 or 2 persons             $75.00
                each additional person (max 4)  $10.00

---------10% discount for stay of 14 days or longer (except at peak periods -
         over Christmas/ New Year, Carnival in February and the World Creole
         Music Festival and Independence in late October/ early November)

Advance bookings calender
Last updated: 9th July 2021
Ar = arrival date  D = departure date
Covid update: Dominica had only a handful of cases, no deaths and strict protocols must be observed. Currently all visitors and returnees must have had a covid test within 48 hours prior to their arrival, failing which they will be tested in Dominica, quarantined for just 2 days if fully vaccinated or 1 week if not. July update:- covid requirements for vaccinated visitors have been relaxed. For the most up to date information re covid protocol in Dominica, you may visit the discoverdominica website by following this link
July 2021 update
  please note that from 1st December 2021, Casablanca will be re-purposed for family use and remain unavailable until further notice.

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Aug    N  a  t  h  a  l  i  e    2    
Nov                           Ar        L  y  n  d  a    2       D    
Dec                    f  a  m  i  l  y      u  s  e                      

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We accept payment by Mastercard and Visa credit cards
Due to difficulties experienced with American Express in Dominica, we
have suspended use of this facility until merchant conditions improve
        American Express

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